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mazda2 2011

The Mazda2 is a small minivan or station wagon introduced in 1996 is high. The Demio, Mazda 121, Mazda Metro and Ford Festiva Mini Wagon is known. It was first introduced in the first eight hundred ninety two thousand (892 000) Mazda2 vehicles sold worldwide until 2005.

mazda 2d modificatio

In the 1980s, it was a B-segment Mazda, Ford was asked to make a small car. As a result, produced in 1987 Ford Festiva. Autozam Revue in 1990 on the same stage. Mazda 121, Mazda was the last car sold in many markets. Using the same platform, Festiva is the discovery in January 1993. Kia Motors and the United States a version of Ford Festiva corporate and sales were the first and second.

Mazda 2 Sport

Micro sports coupe will be sold in Europe and Japan increased the automobile industry is expected in 2008 Mazda2. MZR MZR 1.35 liter or 1.5 liter engine of the vehicle engine, or will a beer. In addition, a direct injection turbo engine and the Mazda model M consists of all-wheel drive.

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Phones are a Japanese car manufacturers, Hiroshima, Japan-based Mazda Motor Corporation. Japan, the sales split between Europe and North America, the year is expected to produce 1.25 million vehicles. Ford Motor Company owned interests in accordance with control of three point four (33.4) percent.

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