Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chevrolet Corvette c7 2012.

Corvette c7 2012. Supercar with the concept of sporty and dynamic aero..Corvette c7 been reported in several reviews in news and otomotif magazine .there will be a big change in his debut in 2012, a new design concept that is better supported by the body design, exterior, interior and more efficient engine designs .

Corvette c7 is a concept car designed with a sporty and futuristic shapes. Continuing from the previous generation corvette c6, c7 seems to be better able to compete with other car super cars like the lamborgini Gallardo, pagini, and ferrari. visible changes from previous designs in light Retractable - long a trademark Corvette c7, European pedestrian-impact standards that effectively kills the design elements. But the next light will be more integrated, and LEDs will probably be part of that program. so it looks more sporty.

For those of you who want a fast car and has a racer style this is the time you wait for the latest products from Corvette.Corvette C7 will not be the answer for the mid-engine Ford GT. With a sporty design and dynamic aero seems this car will remain an idol for young people. . But with the horsepower output and a similar light, C7 would be a recipe for all-around delicious. Corvette sports car is one of the best deals on the road today. concept of machine that has a strong performance as well as rapid acceleration is the answer to the excess of the corvette c7 2012.

According to the news and some reviews in automobile magazines, c7-generation Corvette 2012 will carry the machine with all wheel drive powertrain, dual-clutch and 5.5-liter V8 engine [440 HP]. Assuming, that the Corvette has been suggested engined diesel engines - a new 4.5-liter V8 diesel - but we think that is impossible.

"I would say that the twin-turbo V6 is a very strong possibility," said Paul Lacy of Global Insight. A version of the twin-turbo direct-injection 3.6-liter DOHC V6 that is currently in the Cadillac CTS can easily pump out 400 hp - only 36 shy V8 today. front for the last 57 years, were likely to remain so in the 7th generation as well. a great engine of the corvette will increasingly make the competition in the world of sports cars in 2012.

GM's head of product design, Ed Welburn, revealed that the Corvette c7 2012 will get a split rear window along with some other style cues vintage.corvette C7 2012 will have features such as the concept of an egg-crate grille, vertical flake lights, side vents, and jet-fighter glass.

on improving the quality of the interior, which is completely understandable.

Target reported to make the cabin feel like a car with pricetags worth his $ 100,000, with better, according to the layout and choice of finish and all the materials examined closely. When you look at the inside of this vehicle though, roominess and cargo space spacios will appeal to consumers who appreciate the practical comfort and safety in driving.

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