Sunday, August 21, 2011

Latest Honda Jazz Pictures and Info

Honda Jazz or Honda Fit 1.3 cars are among of the fuel efficient cars produces by honda and this is one of the reasons why many love to drive this type of car. Honda Jazz Philippines especially in my province, Cebu, are becoming rampant and driven by many young cebuanos. Most of them also have setup their cars turning them into a honda jazz sports look type of cars. Others have installed sound system for their honda jazz and register them on car shows. Recently lapu lapu city held the very first time auto car show this year, honda jazz setup with sound system are one of the listed cars to show off.

Because of the flexibility, fuel efficiency, inexpensiveness and looks of this type of car, honda jazz or honda fit cars are being shipped from Japan to Cebu. Surplus honda jazz cars that were chopped-chopped are shipped to Cebu and then assembled and sold for a very affordable prices. I've once visited one of the shop here in Cebu and spoken with the owner of the shop, he said that he could give the lowest and competitive price for its buyers. Buyers could choose what color to paint and skirts to add without further additional cost.

Honda Jazz Philippine prices for second hand may reach upto 380 thousand pesos while surplus honda fit could range from 280 thousand pesos to 320 thousand pesos only with paint, skirts and other detailing job. This honda fit prices are a lot inexpensive and very affordable for students for people who wants to save fuel in the long run. So if you're still having double thoughts of buying your honda jazz or honda fit car then you better stop thinking but get a second hand or surplus honda jazz car right now.

I've been searching around and found out some of the latest for sale Honda Jazz or Honda Fit 1.3 in Cebu. I've listed below along with pictures and information of the owners or sellers of the second hand honda jazz cars. Please feel free to comment or write your opinion about the cars so that it'll be able to help others before they decide to purchase these type of honda jazz or honda fit cars.

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